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Author Archives: jordan

Staycation, all I ever wanted!

This week, Marilyn and I are living the dream. I finished my last day of work on Monday and, because the pay period ended early, I have the next eight days to relax before classes start again. I’m going to miss the people I got to work with this summer.  In the end, I don’t … Continue reading »

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Museums and Stuff

A while ago, continuing our commitment to do one new thing per weekend, we visited the RCMP museum here in Regina. It’s a huge place right by the training depot. There were six exhibits which sort of detail the history of the RCMP through history. We saw old medals, uniforms, weapons and other artifacts. There was … Continue reading »

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Desserts and Summer Fun

Well summer is finally here, and the procrastination knows no bounds. I haven’t read a single paper in two months and I’m loving it! Sam is in the lab working on research (at a relaxed pace) all summer and I’m working as a developer at a local web shop. The job is going well. We … Continue reading »

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Arts and Multicultural Festivals

I’m always getting on Sam’s case about not blogging, and here I am the most infrequent blogger ever. Terrible! In this blogger’s defence, we’ve been very busy. Last month was Sam’s birthday! We’re both a ripe old 23 now. I made her a delicious angel food cake (from a box, like a true gourmet baker) with strawberries. To … Continue reading »

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BC Trip!

Our first vacation post! We awoke on Saturday morning with less than an hour before our plane took off. Sam was so excited that she bashed her toe on my suitcase, but we still managed to make it on the plane with minutes to spare. Sam and I went to Cumberland, BC last week to … Continue reading »

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Updates and Love Mugs!

Has it really been a month! This semester seems to be flying by. Reading week came and went in the blink of an eye. It seems like spring has sprung in Regina already, since the temperature rarely drops below freezing these days. We are all very thankful for a fairly merciful winter! As of February … Continue reading »

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B-Day Happenings!

So this is 23! Sam made my birthday extra amazing. We slept in and she made me french toast for breakfast. Then I opened some presents! I got cards from Mom and Dad, Nanny, Marcy and Russell, and Oma and Grandfather. I also got a book about Value-at-Risk from Marcy and Russell, and Sam got … Continue reading »

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Back to the Grind!

It’s been almost two weeks since we came home from the holidays, and school is back in full swing. I had a lot of fun on the holiday break, even though I didn’t get to see a lot of people I wanted to see. It was nice to see Grande Prairie and our families. We’ve been … Continue reading »

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Om nom, cookies gone!

Classes are finally done! I only have two more exams before I’m off home for Christmas. It’s been a pretty easy week, studying aside. Sam is finally done her exams and her marking and her stats project, so she’s finished all the work for the semester and is busily occupying herself with Harry Potter. Last … Continue reading »

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Almost Christmas!

Seeing as how it’s almost December, we have been busily procrastinating with Christmas stuff. All of our halls are decked, and we even have a bow on the door. Sam has been courageously not buying Christmas ornaments, with only a few exceptions. We have our little Christmas tree set up and we spent this afternoon wrapping presents to put beneath … Continue reading »

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