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Author Archives: Samantha

Wedding bells • August 1, 2016

Jordan and I were married on August 1st. It was such a lovely day with so many amazing moments… I’ve finally finished writing it all down! You can click this link to an album with all of the rest of the beautiful pictures. Jordan and I started our big day with a quiet, early-morning walk … Continue reading »

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Between the Stars

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill First news first: Jordan successfully defended his Master’s thesis two weeks ago! He had time for celebratory beer with his labmates before we jumped in the car to kick off a victory lap around Western Canada. In ten days we drove from … Continue reading »

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The spice of life

Jordan and I have always been amateur chefs at heart, and when we have the energy we create delicious dinners (like last month’s Italian braciola!).  For Valentine’s Day we ramped up our skill level a notch and ventured out into a blizzard to take a cooking class at Schoolhaus Culinary Kitchen. This is an adorable … Continue reading »

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas

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it’s always ourselves we find in the sea

During the oft-misguided progression from ancient to modern medicine, one of the treatments that stuck around for a long time was sending sick people to the seaside. Although I can’t say I had tuberculosis that needed curing, I was absolutely holding onto the stress of the past school year far too long into the summer … Continue reading »

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Visits in June

It’s July 1st! Do you know what that means? It means it’s been almost 2.5 months since we blogged! A new record? We certainly have no excuse, as the last couple months have been packed to the brim with goings-on. We could tell you all about how the school year wrapped up well and we’re … Continue reading »

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The pulse of America

Greetings from spring! The snow-melt is on in Regina. This weekend is a bit chilly, but we climbed up to +14C this past week. It has been a very long winter (our second long winter in a row) and it’s such a treat to wear a lighter coat. Jordan and I have been desperately wrapping … Continue reading »

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Hello, 2014!

Happy belated New Year! I believe the polar vortex is over and my fingers have thawed long enough to type up this blog post. Jordan had a much-needed, relaxed Christmas in Grande Prairie with his family.  The three-week holiday was his “between-degree break.” With his undergraduate exams all finished and the University is closed, Jordan … Continue reading »

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Convocation, Family Visits, and Holidays

What a busy couple weeks it’s been! My Master’s convocation was on October 19th and my family came to visit for the weekend. Battling through fog and snow, delays and cancellations, jumping on boats and flying all through the night, my parents and Grandpa managed to make it to Regina in time. What fun it … Continue reading »

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Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Happy September! We’ve changed over our blog theme for my favorite season, Autumn. Unfortunately the end of summer meant the end of Our Best Friend Natalie’s time in Regina. We are so very sad she has gone home to Ontario but it sounds like life is as perfect as it could be over there, and … Continue reading »

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