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Author Archives: Samantha

Visiting the Hooligonians

Wow am I sick! I went to Halifax a healthy, eager young researcher and I came back a huge pile of germs. Flying on the plane was sure fun but thanks to my EarPlanes I survived. Between my ankle sprain and my head cold I’m a thoroughly whiny individual. I’m sure I’ll recover soon! Halifax was … Continue reading »

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Lazy days of May

Somehow it is already Victoria Day. I’m not entirely sure how that happened – to be honest, I’ve only recently stopped checking my dayplanner every day in fear that I’d missed a deadline – but here we are. The flowers are out full force and even the subpar days are too warm for jackets. Love … Continue reading »

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ADAA 2012 – Arlington and Washington

Hey all! Wow, what a sadly neglected blog! My bad. March was truly the most busy month so far (clocking in at two major presentations, two major papers, and a hundred little projects) and April hasn’t been much better. Jordan and I have both been working as hard as we can to keep on top of … Continue reading »

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Valentine’s and other goings-on

Pardon how terribly late this blog post is. My computer has had some fairly epic seizures over the last few days and so it ate my last version of this post. Fortunately my new laptop is on its way – in fact it is IN REGINA!! – and soon my computer problems will be over. … Continue reading »

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Not enough coffee in the world

Well, when they say that first year Clinical Psych is stressful, they aren’t kidding. This semester has picked up with a vengeance. I’m taking three classes this semester – Ethics, Assessment, and Intervention – and they are all rather terrifying. I’m excited to get into the applied classes though! We’re starting to learn a lot of … Continue reading »

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The year in review

Somehow it is already New Year’s Eve. A year ago today we were in Ladysmith with the R. Crossleys, the B. Crossleys, the T. Crossleys, and friends. This year we have a much smaller crowd to ring in the new year – just the R. Crossleys and friends.  2011 has been wonderful to Jordan and I! After stressing … Continue reading »

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Winter Wonderland

It’s been a fairly chilly couple weeks here in Regina. The winter winds bite through all kinds of fabrics. Despite this, we’ve managed to walk to school almost every morning and even went for a walk around Wascana Lake on Saturday. The sun was shining so beautifully, it almost made up for the wind. We … Continue reading »

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Visits from parents

Finally, the weekend I’ve been waiting for! After a day of sitting through seminars and anxiously tapping my foot, Mom and Dad arrived in town Wednesday afternoon. Jordan picked them up from the hotel and gave them the grand tour of our apartment while I rushed home from school. It was so nice to visit … Continue reading »

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Scones gone! Nom nom

It’s been a busy week in the Horswill-Ubbens household. My program is picking up speed and I’ve had a few late nights in the lab with my new friend (and partner-in-crime) Holly. Jordan has been working through midterm season, and his long-suffering sighs are innumerable. We’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, and … Continue reading »

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Little Leafy Lumsden

Today is a beautiful Autumn day in Southern Saskatchewan. The sun is shining full force but the air was still a little chilly this morning when we woke up. There are still some green leaves on the trees in our neighborhood, but there are lots of golden leaves – and sad, brown, crunchy leaves on … Continue reading »

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