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Saskatoon and exciting news!

Posted by on September 24, 2014

At the end of August we went for a mini vacation to Saskatoon. It’s only about two hours from Regina, which makes it a very easy getaway! We stayed at the Radisson hotel which is locatedphoto 1 in the heart of downtown Saskatoon, just by the river. Saskatoon is an undeniably pretty city. There are lots of great public spaces down by the water, and we got to try some great local cuisine. We met some friends for diIMG_0615nner at Bon Temps, a wonderful Cajun restaurant. We also tried Calories, which is a very popular breakfast joint. We also made it down to the Mendel Art Gallery, which had a great Emily Carr exhibit that weekend. Saskatoon has a pretty great zoo with lots of big animals, silIMG_0616ly turkeys, and many types of deer.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was seeing the University of Saskatchewan campus. Although the U of S only has about 8,000 more students than our own university, the campus feels absolutely huge. There are lots of beautiful architectural pieces like the Memorial Gate. We wondered around some great looking buildings, visited the department of Computer Science, the school of veterinary medicine, and the Nobel Plaza (and Starbucks!). Both Sam and I agreed that we would be happy if we ever ended up at the U of S.

We happened to be visiting on the weekend of the fireworks festival! On the first night we saw the fireworks of team Canada, and on the second night we saw team China. They both did a great job choreographing fireworks to music. And the shows were right beside our hotel, so we only had to walk to the end of the street! They were both so good that it’s hard to say who should have won.

photo 4

The more exciting news is that three weeks ago we got engaged! It was quite a long plan which involved tricking Sam into thinking that we were taking ballroom dancing lessons. I proposed on the old college campus in Regina at sunset, and then we went to The Willow for drinks. Everything went great and Sam loves the ring! It’s a peach sapphire in a rose gold setting with a diamond halo.

Sam is having a great time with wedding planning. We have a few good options that we’re excited about. We haven’t set a firm date for the wedding yet, but we’re both looking forward to it!



2 Responses to Saskatoon and exciting news!

  1. Louise

    I enjoyed this. We loved Saskatoon when we lived in Prince Alber and went there frequently.
    Thanks for the update. Louise

  2. Marcy

    Still excited about the exciting news :-) Saskatoon sounds wonderful!

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