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Scones gone! Nom nom

Posted by on October 23, 2011

Jordan won the wish!

It’s been a busy week in the Horswill-Ubbens household. My program is picking up speed and I’ve had a few late nights in the lab with my new friend (and partner-in-crime) Holly. Jordan has been working through midterm season, and his long-suffering sighs are innumerable. We’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, and it’s hard to believe October is almost over.

All work and no play makes Jordan whiny and Sam sad, so we’ve been keeping up a rigorous schedule of procrastination and down-time. Last weekend we met Holly and her husband for lunch, which was fantastic. I’ve been missing casual get-togethers with friends, and I haven’t had to make entirely new friends for seven years. It’s a good thing that Jordan and I like each other, since we’ve been each other’s only friends in Regina – but the walls between “acquaintance” and “friend” are coming down in all sorts of directions. Every day Regina feels more and more like home.

This week has been financially a little painful. My car hasn’t had anything major done to it since I’ve owned it (4.5 years), and it was all in all running rather well. I had to have it inspected to get insurance in Saskatchewan, but I figured I wouldn’t need to replace anything major. HAH! One trip to Hyundai and $1600 later, I now have a new timer belt, headlight, windshield, driver’s side mirror,  power steering belt, and wheel cylinders… yowch! I don’t feel too badly about it, though – it’s still cheaper than buying a new car, and it should last us at least until we leave Regina now. And look – we now have SK plates! My car looks so good in green. We will display our Roughriders air freshener forthwith.

Otherwise, all is well. Jordan and I have baked up a storm tonight – I made pumpkin tarts and Jordan found a recipe for pumpkin scones. Late-night baking is a wonderful thing. We are both very excited for my parents to arrive in 2.5 weeks. They are visiting with Trevor tonight and I am wildly jealous. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without seeing either of my parents! It’s not easy for me, since we are so close, but it just makes the visits that much better. It will be nice since my parents will be here around Dad’s birthday, and on their way to his graduation, so we will have lots of reasons to have good food and great wine. In two short months we will be home for Christmas for more of the same! In the meantime, Jordan and I will likely continue to stress-bake and study hard.


4 Responses to Scones gone! Nom nom

  1. marcy

    Looks delicious!

  2. Lisa

    Looks like the cactus is thriving. Sorry Jordan! Hey, send the recipe for the scones if they tasted as good as they look!

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