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The year in review

Posted by on December 31, 2011

Family photo - Trevor, Rosie, and Sam!

Somehow it is already New Year’s Eve. A year ago today we were in Ladysmith with the R. Crossleys, the B. Crossleys, the T. Crossleys, and friends. This year we have a much smaller crowd to ring in the new year – just the R. Crossleys and friends. 

2011 has been wonderful to Jordan and I! After stressing my way through the early months I was accepted into  the clinical psychology program in Regina, and there couldn’t have been a better fit for me. Jordan was accepted into the honors program in Regina, which meant he could happily move with me – thus fulfilling last year’s New Year’s Resolution to live together! And such a lovely time we’ve had. Regina surprised both of us with its home-y charm and personality.  The University and our various mentors and friends have made the transition easy. One day it will be nice to be oceanwards, but in the meantime there is no better place in Canada for our academic careers.

We’ve been in Grande Prairie for a week and a half now. The travel here was very easy (Jordan observed my minor paranoia about flying firsthand!) and we’ve been very relaxed. And the food! Oh, the food! Christmas Eve fondue, Christmas morning eggs benedict, turkey and seafood linguine, sushi and Padrino’s. For Christmas my family gave me my first fondue pot and a dual muffin toaster and egg cooker – 2012 will be a tasty year! Jordan was very thoughtful with his presents this year, including a beautiful ‘hope’ necklace that is right up my alley. We’ll be making good use of his new Tassimo coffee machine too!

The visiting has been lovely, with both my family and Jordan’s. I’ve seen the vast majority of my Grande Prairie friends, and we’ve had lots of exciting engagements! My childhood friend Kelsey, high school bestie Kelcey, and our martini buddies Tony and Shannon have all had sparkly new additions to their lives. We’re excited for all of them :) We’ve entered the phase of our lives where traveling is planned around weddings!

We’re having Fondue Round Two tonight, then counting down the minutes until the New Year. I’m always very excited for a new year to start. I’ve enrolled in a yoga class with Holly, and have lots of exciting projects coming up in the lab that I’ll be involved in. I would like 2012 to be the year of organization – dayplanners, list-making, filing and color-coding. Being a little neurotic is beneficial in the long run! Jordan and I have to come up with a joint new year’s resolution as well since it worked out so nicely last year. Maybe I’ll resolve to drag him to Halifax with me in July!

All the best to family and friends. Thank you for being such avid blog readers this semester!

Love Sam

5 Responses to The year in review

  1. marcy

    Happy New Year, Sam and Jordan :-)

  2. stacey

    Happy 2012 to you and J-man! ?

  3. stacey

    Happy New Year to you and J!! ?

  4. stacey

    oooops, sorry about the multiple posts! The ?? is meant to be a heart, oh well! xox

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