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Not enough coffee in the world

Posted by on January 28, 2012

Soya sauce teapot from Enso

Well, when they say that first year Clinical Psych is stressful, they aren’t kidding. This semester has picked up with a vengeance. I’m taking three classes this semester – Ethics, Assessment, and Intervention – and they are all rather terrifying. I’m excited to get into the applied classes though! We’re starting to learn a lot of our clinical skills and I can hardly wait to see clients.

I’m also working on a major project with my supervisor and a first year PhD student. We’re hoping to have the opportunity to work with the RCMP to reduce instances of PTSD and have been doing research presentations to achieve this. I’m developing a strong interest in how major, institutionalized groups like the military or the police force develop and treat PTSD. I’m so fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, because this is something most first year MA students would only be able to gaze longingly at! If all goes as planned, the research might even start this summer. Because of the bureaucratic red tape, it will likely take longer; however, everybody we’ve spoken to is excited about the project and eager to get it underway.

New presentation dress!

Otherwise, things have been busy and cold. We’ve had lots of problems with my little Accent, but it seems to be working alright now. I’m also having lots of problems with my massive laptop, and have fallen happily in love with a Toshiba Ultrabook. I’m trying to hold off until this computer actually dies, since right now it’s only displaying mild cognitive impairment. Jordan has diagnosed a failing motherboard. Thanks, technology! I love it when you don’t work!

My parents moved this week! They’re now in Cumberland on Vancouver Island, which is about an hour and a half away from my grandparents’ house. The drive down sounds rather hellish – nothing like extending a 14 hour drive by 4 more hours because of terrible winter roads – and they had a car full of yodelling cats, but they managed to make it in one day and don’t have to make that drive ever again. They are directing the moving van unloaders today, and then they will be all set!

This week Jordan and I are both working on proposals and grant applications. Misery loves company! We’ve been eating terrible food (Chinese food mm) and watching mindless TV. There is likely a more effective way to jumpstart the brain but we haven’t found it yet! Does somebody want to come do our dishes?  


One Response to Not enough coffee in the world

  1. Lisa

    Good luck on your PTSD project. Nice dress! Hey, I thought Jordan was supposed to do the dishes.:)


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