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Valentine’s and other goings-on

Posted by on February 22, 2012

Pardon how terribly late this blog post is. My computer has had some fairly epic seizures over the last few days and so it ate my last version of this post. Fortunately my new laptop is on its way – in fact it is IN REGINA!! – and soon my computer problems will be over.

We have had both an incredibly hectic and a remarkably lovely February so far. We’ve done lots of down-time activities to keep our spirits up. A couple weeks ago we went to see The Iron Lady, a movie about the life of Margaret Thatcher. What a woman! I am so fascinated by her, and it must be difficult for her family to have watched her decline. Definitely worth seeing!

Jordan spoiled me immensely for Valentine’s. I’ve been mooning over the Valentine’s-themed Starbucks cups for weeks – such a wonderful holiday! Jordan got me lovely red roses… they really make the dining area so much livelier. I found a cute little sushi card for him (have I mentioned loudly enough that I’ve converted him? I love people who love sushi!). We had dinner at The Cathedral Village Freehouse, which may be among my favorite restaurants ever. It’s an indie little restaurant with live music and fresh, healthy food (and long-suffering waiters). Anybody who comes to visit will be taken there for lunch at some point. It’s in my favorite part of the city, as well, right by all the little novelty shops. We finished off Valentine’s with Water for Elephants and our champagne winnings from the Christmas party. It was all very lovely and a nice change of pace.

There’s been lots of odds-and-ends happenings the last few weeks. I cut my hair quite short (which was fun) and reapplied for my passport (which was not so fun). There was a get-together with my cohort this weekend at Holly’s beautiful house in Harbour Landing… quite a step up from Boardwalk! Earlier in the month, Jordan and I picked out a bunch of things from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that we wanted for around the apartment – I had giftcards from my grandparents and from Jordan’s parents – and we got quite a haul! Thanks for the great presents! It’s nice to fill up all the holes in our kitchen collection, since we spend a lot of time cooking. Jordan made me caramelized bananas one night… yum!

We’re enjoying a break from the crazies of the semester for Reading Week. I’ve got a lot of things due in March so I’m scrambling to get them all going to take the stress off Future Sam… a couple essays, a couple big presentations. Jordan is working on a few jobs and his proposal. Nevertheless, we’ve both been able to sleep in almost every day and enjoy a lot of coffee. It’s really nice to remember that no, being this busy isn’t normal and yes, I will return to normalcy one day! Soon it will be spring, and then it will be summer, and all will be well.


3 Responses to Valentine’s and other goings-on

  1. marcy

    Hey… send a picture of the haircut! Great blog, as usual.


    • Samantha

      You can kind of see it in that passport photo – here is another picture of it when it’s curly!

  2. Lisa

    Great haircut! Not only is Jordan eating sushi, he’s eating banana, too! Of course, it’s all about the butter and sugar… :)

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