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Canada Day shenanigans

Posted by on July 3, 2012

Happy birthday, Canada! In celebration of the fact that Saskatchewan wasn’t destroyed by all the tornadoes on Monday (phew!), we had beautiful sunny skies and +30 heat on Sunday. In case you hadn’t gathered over the course of this blog, Jordan is normally a complete grump about nice weather. Particularly when it turns my car into a convection oven! Nevertheless, he donned his good spirits and allowed himself to be taken into the sunshine for a couple hours to see the Canada Day festivities.

Iced drinks on hot days are saviors!

Regina puts on a good show – there were lots of activities to take in! We stalked some poor guy out to his car to get a good parking spot since my ankle is still pretty tender. A bunch of very strong men were competing in the Strongman Competition – we watched them pulling trucks and trailers (and absolutely dying in the heat, I’m sure!).

Closer to the lake was a dog race/competition, which I looove! We caught the tail end (badum chh) of one last August and I was pretty excited we got to see the whole show this time. I tried to be an action photographer but it’s pretty difficult! The dogs were attempting to jump over obstacles and race through tubes. Some of them were a little better at following instructions than others. I was trying to imagine how Rosie would do as a competition dog but I think she has too delicate a disposition… I also managed to get rolled on by a very affectionate german shepherd puppy whose owner kept saying “Look at his paws! He’s going to be huge!” After the dog show ended we met up with our friends Holly and Micah for a drink on the Original Joe’s patio in the afternoon sun. I inherited sunshine+beer cravings pretty thoroughly from my dad!

Action shots from the dog show – the little white Sheltie was such a champ!

The fireworks were supposed to be at 10:30. Jordan and I have gone to Canada Day fireworks almost every year, and we wanted to go this year too! So at 9:15 (an hour early) we set out to find good parking. After a bit of hunting, Jordan sharked a parking spot only two blocks from the fireworks! And good thing, because as soon as we got in the car they started setting them off. There was a really intense lightning storm so they must have set them off early due to weather. We got about five minutes into the fireworks and down came a TORRENTIAL rainstorm, the hugest raindrops, children screaming, people scrambling, dogs barking, fireworks everywhere… it was the most chaotic experience of my life and Jordan and I were just laughing and laughing. The rain stopped just in time for the fireworks finale. I’m not sure battling traffic for an hour total to stand in the rain for ten minutes to see fireworks was worth it, but we had fun, so oh well!

As a punishment for allowing us to have fun on Sunday, Jordan decreed that yesterday was apartment cleaning day. All my closets are organized and I got a grown-up ironing board (no more ironing on the floor like a university student!). We had to repot Patty and the President (our spider plants) since half of each of them died when I last repotted them, so the siblings are reunited pot-buddies. Hopefully this time they’ll live.

I start my horror movie study this week! I’m doing guinea pigs this week and I’ll be running real participants starting next week. I’m pretty excited that my study is going live. I watched the whole thing – every single scene – from start to finish (in the name of science) and got away with only one nightmare. No PTSD for me, phew!


3 Responses to Canada Day shenanigans

  1. Darling

    I love these dog trials too. I also watch sheep herding in Aus and love that as well. I could watch the dogs work all day. I love it when a dog decides to get lazy or just gives up. They are so funny

  2. Lisa

    Jordan decreeing apartment cleaning day? Wow! Now that’s scary. Let us know how the guinea pigs make out! I always enjoy Jordan’s and your posts. Thanks!

  3. marcy

    I think Rosie would have won those competitions, by the way. Especially with her new streamlined hair cut. Glad you had such a great weekend. You and Jordan can come and clean here now!


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