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August Visitors

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Good morning from Regina! I have been up since 4 am and completely unable to sleep. Love those nights. Fortunately I haven’t been on my own – two weeks ago we adopted a kitty named Marilyn, who has been keeping me company this morning! Meet Marilyn, everybody:

Marilyn spent the first week cooing like a pigeon, so we have nicknamed her “Prue”

Marilyn is a 5 year old, declawed, medium-haired terror who hates babies. The latter point is what caused her to need a new home. After we brought her home she firmly ensconced herself behind the entertainment center and then, after another sleepless night on my part, under the couch in the office. She’s emerged gradually since then and is comfortable with all parts of the apartment except the fridge, which remains inexplicably terrifying. She came to us in heat (lovely), and has since settled into an apathetic, schizophrenic routine of sleeping and attacking the curtains.

Among the visitors Marilyn has had are my parents, who visited from Tuesday to Friday last week. It was so nice to have them here in the summer – it was pretty snowy and glum last time they came! As always, their visit contained a lot of good food, laughter, and stories. We made them dinner the first night, and then went to a restaurant called the Willow on Wascana the second night for an amazing three-hour meal. I think I liked it better than any restaurant we’ve been to in Regina! They have a lovely patio for summer sunshine, and an intimate indoor setting where we sat. Despite being a little short-staffed and chaotic, the service was entertaining and genuine. And the food – yum – bison and quinoa and everything seasoned perfectly. We will definitely be visiting again! To wrap up a foodie week, we had Thursday lunch at the Cathedral Village Freehouse (previously featured on this blog) and then a beer-cheese fondue for dinner back at the apartment. I swear I put on ten pounds every time I’m in my parents’ vicinity… there are worse things in life! :)

Watching geese at Wascana Lake

In between eating, I took my parents out to Lumsden for coffee and shopping. The valley is green but the fields are yellowing – summer is coming to an end. We also managed to poke around Cornwall Mall, the parliament building and gardens, the Mackenzie Art Gallery, and (finally!) Crocus & Ivy. Dad was very patient with our shopping and I kept him in beer to compensate. I am a diehard Olympics fan and managed to watch a decent amount of the games as well.

It’s always sad to say goodbye to my parents, especially since this is the first summer I’ve been away from them, but there are many visits planned in the upcoming months. Mom and I are having an October holiday together in Edmonton for her gallery opening, and Jordan and I have our Christmas flights booked. Marilyn won’t be attending either event, though we have not told her this yet.


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  1. marcy

    Thanks for the great visit, Sam and Jordan :-)

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