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“I have measured out my life in coffee spoons.”

Posted by on September 20, 2012

A view of campus across Wascana Lake

Well hello! Every time my turn to write coincides with school starting up again, the blog grows dusty and neglected. Jordan and I have become very, very busy with the new school year. Jordan is taking five classes and (as the darling of the department) has been given research opportunities to fill his “spare time.” For the first time in 18 years I am not taking any classes, but I have a full schedule of funding and grant applications, screening & running participants for my horror movie study, and going to seminars. I don’t have the same ho-hum outlook on life as J. Alfred Prufrock (narrator of the blog post title), but I think we share a commonality in the amount of coffee it takes to keep up daily energy.

I think I’ll announce it as autumn in Regina! Hurray! Time for sweaters and boots and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes (I die) and obscenely-priced purses (my visa dies). Is there anything as romantic as autumn? I suppose some Antipodian Grandpas I know are just entering spring, but for now I’ve fooled myself into thinking I have the good end of the stick. Jordan is thrilled that our car is no longer “hotter than the sun” (i.e., 30C).

Because I’ve been so delinquent on the blog, I have some pictures from the Dragonboat Festival a couple weekends ago that I haven’t shared with you yet. It was a lovely day for dragonboat races and lots of Reginians turned up at Wascana Lake to watch. I’d never seen a dragonboat; in my head, they were a lot bigger… and shaped more like dragons, haha! At one point the announcer called out “Ironically, we are missing the team No-Show Boaters… please go to your boat if you are here…”

In cat news, Marilyn is bonkers and keeps us very entertained. She answers only to the name “shhhh” and yells at us from dawn to dusk. The internet suggested a dab of vaseline every night to cure hairballs, and she has taken to that enthusiastically – petroleum makes such a tasty snack! She spends most of her time mountain climbing in my closet or sitting on Jordan’s lap in the office, helping him with his homework.

Sorry for the much delayed update… Now that we’re back into a bit of a routine, hopefully there won’t be any more (Sam-induced) slacking. If you have some time, go see my mom’s new blog post about her finished MFA pieces… and then come hang out in Edmonton with us in two weeks to see her exhibition :)


5 Responses to “I have measured out my life in coffee spoons.”

  1. marcy

    Hi Sam… eloquently written as usual. Thanks for the little boost on my MFA. Love you.


  2. Roger

    Hi Sam:
    Well, thanks for the update. You will have fun in Edmonton with Mom and Trevor, of that I am certain! What will Jordan do when you are away? I suppose he will just stay home in Regina and work. And work! Poor guy. And yes, Spring in the antipodes officially started on September 1. But, it has been pretty rough so far with a record low overnight temperature recorded in Sydney of 12 C last Tuesday. Bloody awful wasn’t it! I am pleased that normalcy has returned. Take care and enjoy those golden Autumn days! Grandpa Down Under

    • Samantha

      Hi Grandpa,
      Jordan will unfortunately be here in Regina (with Marilyn for company). He’s looking forward to a little get-away at Christmas time, up to GP first and then down to the island after Christmas! It will be nice to see you and meet Gracie.
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Natalie

    Your cat is a drunk.

    (Also, yeah, usually dragon boats have dragon boat heads on them? They are strangely lacking on those specimens.)

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