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Thanksgiving Weekend – art and turkey

Posted by on October 13, 2012

I love Thanksgiving weekend – so much good food and the weather is so perfect – and this year mine was made extra long by a trip to Edmonton. My mom had an art exhibition opening this weekend in Edmonton, as part of a series called Passages. The opening was on Saturday, so her and I made a weekend of it! I left Regina on Friday (really ridiculously early) and was in town by 9:30 am. Mom joined me shortly after. After checking in at the hotel we headed out to the West Edmonton Mall for some much-needed shopping! Regina just doesn’t have the stores I’m used to, and I obliterated Forever21. I could have done much more damage than I did, to be fair, but it’s hard for me to say no to corgi sweaters and tacky earrings. Friday evening, Trevor met us for a lovely dinner at the Wildflower Grill, a big favorite of my family’s. I had camembert and a tomato/mozzerella salad, and helped mom with her raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

Saturday was the big day! We started it out right by visiting my favorite part of Edmonton, the Glenora Bistro for breakfast and the High Street shopping area. When I lived in Edmonton my apartment was only a couple blocks away, and I spent a lot of my time at the Starbucks there. There’s a cute paper store called Notables, a consignment store where I found a new coat, and a kitchen store with the best Christmas presents. We also saw a big fat cat that looked like a cross between Marilyn and Zola (my newest kitty friend).

Finally it was time for the art opening! The gallery was very well set up and there was lots of room for mom’s art and the two other exhibitions. Mom’s pieces were on the first wall you saw when you came down the stairs, so they were very striking. One of the other artists, one of mom’s friends, was also there for the opening. Her piece was a giant scarf with one stitch for each minute in a year. Quite a few strangers came through as well, and lots stopped for a chat. One of the ladies who stopped to talk to us was actually involved with REACH Edmonton, whom I volunteered with for two years, and knew all the people I’d worked for. My friend Maura came out for the opening – it was so so nice to see her, it’s been almost a year and a half! – and Trevor came too. I was so glad we were able to go – we had a great time with mom! We celebrated with a sushi binge at Mikado, and then (after we’d made some room) dessert at the Wildflower.

Mom and I flew out Sunday afternoon. We took our time getting ready in the morning, having breakfast and a starbucks at the hotel, and then (luggage in tow) set out on the LRT for the Southgate Mall for some last minute shopping. After a lunch at Chili’s out at the airport, we were on our separate ways home! It was a very fast but incredibly fun weekend. Hopefully our next “girls’ art weekend” will be at an international exhibition… :)

It’s always nice to come home to Jordan and Marilyn. Jordan picked me up from the airport and took me to Boston Pizza for dinner, and then out to see Looper. What a good movie! I mean, we poked some major holes in the plot (corroborated by the internet afterwards), but it was still a thoughtful, intelligent movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a CGI mask in the movie to more closely resemble Bruce Willis and it was very well done.

Monday was turkey day!! This year we used Jordan’s grandma Liz’ stuffing recipe and it was delicious. This is also a notable year in that I neither a) washed the turkey; b) broke any pyrex; or c) bled on anything. As the cherry on the cake, the turkey was perfectly cooked through and beautiful to carve. What a feast! I’m not exactly a paragon of housewivery but I think I am now comfortable having guests for turkey dinner. Maybe next year we’ll have to make a bigger deal of it.

With all that’s going on at school and all the stress of the daily grind, it’s lovely to have a weekend to see loved ones and eat good food (my two favorite pasttimes). I hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving and are feeling mentally prepared for the chilly months to come.

Love Sam & her little family of turkeys.

2 Responses to Thanksgiving Weekend – art and turkey

  1. Lisa

    Sounds like you had a great weekend with your Mom. Kudos on her art exhibit! I’m glad your Thanksgiving meal was a success and injury free. Thanks for the post :)

  2. Marcy

    Hi Sam… thanks for a great weekend full of happy memories. Christmas is right around the corner…

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