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Moving house!

Posted by on December 9, 2012

What a ridiculous month we’ve had. The person in the suite next to us has BEDBUGS. They are being treated for them every couple weeks (we’ve seen everything from mattresses to vacuum cleaners in the garbage bin outside) and I’m sure their lives are not fun. Fortunately, we’ve been inspected twice and nary a bedbug was found. Unfortunately for us, Boardwalk has very strong prevention policy. To have a prevention treatment, we had to pull all our furniture away from the walls, including the storage room, so that they can rip off the baseboards. All our books/knick-knacks needed to go in boxes/bags. The couch had to be tipped over and the mattress/box spring taken off the bed. All our linens and clothes are supposed to be dry cleaned and then stored in bags, but they didn’t help pay for that, so we skipped that step. AND they discovered the cat and demanded a $250 pet deposit. WHAT A HASSLE. Anyways, despite all the bedbugs in our neighbor’s apartment being dead, and despite the fact that we don’t have bedbugs and our prevention spray is supposed to last a minimum of 3 weeks, they’re making us go through at least two more sprays or face eviction.

So on that lovely note, Jordan and I started up the semi-monthly look for alternative living arrangements. Except this time… we found a place!

From the living room, looking into the kitchen and hall.

We’re moving across Wascana Lake to a house on Douglas Ave. We’ll be renting the upper level of the house, which has 900 square feet, 3 bedrooms, a dishwasher, a covered garage, a deck & back yard… we share a washing machine and a common area room with a future downstairs tenant (it’s empty right now). The house is incredibly bright and spacious, and feels in some ways bigger than our current apartment despite the fact we’re downsizing a little. The bathroom is the only very noticeable downsize but it has PLUG INS! Jordan doesn’t understand how exciting this is for me.

Generally speaking, this move will decrease our convenient access to the university but will do wonders for our mental health. Next semester will be a bit of a song and dance since I am working downtown for my internship and we only have one car. If Jordan gets tired of going to school early, though, there is a super convenient bus stop immediately outside our house! After next semester, we’ll both be on campus for 90% of our lives – particularly if Jordan gets into grad school for a January 2013 start date. Plus apparently we are eligible for carpooling parking…

Pretty blue bathroom walls. Look at the PLUG INS!!

The South-facing kitchen window and THE DISHWASHER.

So the next month and a half will be incredibly busy for both of us. We leave for holidays on Dec. 19th (can’t wait!!!) and come back on Jan. 3rd. Jordan starts his 4th and last year on January 7th, and I’m starting my clinical internship at Regina Mental Health that week as well (eek!). The weekend of the 4th we’ll be doing a walk-through of our new place, moving most of our furniture and belongings to the house, and introducing poor Marilyn to the new house. She’s been such a champ this month with being spayed, getting vaccines, and staying at a kennel during the bedbug fiasco, so I think she’ll be okay at the new house. We’ll have a month of overlap where we’ll be renting both places, which is kind of a bummer but at least we’ll be able to take our time moving our things and cleaning the Boardwalk place. And then… housewarming party!

Ten sleeps until Christmas holidays! I hope December is winding down nicely for everybody and you get the chance to have a relaxing holiday season. Much love from the three of us!


3 Responses to Moving house!

  1. Darling

    It all sounds lovely Sam. Won’t it be nice to have some garden. I’m sure that as long as your things and you are there, Marilyn will adjust quickly. See you soon Darling

  2. Lisa

    What a flurry of activity! So sorry to hear of the bed bug turmoil you are dealing with. Unfortunately, apartment living comes along with the happenings of others. Hopefully Christmas will provide you with the respite to tackle the New Year. The house looks lovely and I’m sure Marilyn will approve. :)


  3. Bob

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and the best of luck with your move.


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