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A Very Long Time, We Know!

Posted by on March 31, 2013

Spring! (almost)

Wow. Has it really been three months?

We got all moved into our new place in early January. It looks a little more lived-in now compared to those move-in pictures from the last post! If you want to see more then check out this photostream of our place. Please ignore the mess, as we are in the middle of our weekend clean-sweep! It’s a bit bigger than the old apartment but we are slowly collecting furniture to fill it. Thanks to Sam’s parents we have a guest bed, and Sam has taken it upon herself to fill the walls with pictures. It’s will be a nice place to be in the spring – very close to the park and Wascana lake. The past couple of days we have actually seen a little bit of spring beginning to appear – at Easter!

Sam is nearing the end of her very first psychology internship. She was lucky to find a fantastic member of the staff who took an interest in supervising her. It’s been an excellent experience but she’s also looking forward to coming back to the University full-time in the summer. Pretty soon she’ll be finished her thesis and on to PhD work! She has also tackled a lot of extra stuff this semester, like organizing the graduate student research conference and banquet. She’s been busy!

I am finishing yet another semester of undergrad (and not the last!). I have a position (a research award) lined up for the summer through Sam’s supervisor and a member of my own department. We are hoping that we can turn it into a thesis for my master’s next year – which would be a M.Sc. and not a M.Eng. like I was talking about last year. I’m leaning this way since he seems to be a really great fit for me as a supervisor. I also gave my first talk at my department’s research colloquium. I talked about fault tolerance in probabilistic multiagent systems. It went well and I was lucky to have a faculty member show up who is a recognized expert in this type of stuff. After my presentation he introduced himself and we are going to discuss publishing on the topic together. Sam had better watch out or I’ll catch up to her h-index sooner than she thinks!

Marilyn is also doing very well. She is doing a lot of work with purring and being crazy these days. Our new place has shelves to sit on and a hollow place where she hides and pretends to hunt us as we go down the hallway.




3 Responses to A Very Long Time, We Know!

  1. Darling

    Hi Jordan,
    I enjoyed your update. Congratulations on your appointments, and potential publications. well done.

  2. Roger

    Hi Jordan
    Thanks for the update and the photos. The winter/Spring scenes are both beautiful and breath-taking!. Your house is great; if not already a little too neat. I think that you may be using the wrong parameters when you are assessing the criticality of the potential faults in your “clean-sweep” program. I would propose that you just relax a bit and give agent Sam a little more to do as a healthy diversion from her academic pursuits.
    Cheers, Roger

  3. Lisa

    Nice digs! Great to see and hear all is going well for you both. Hard work pays off!

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