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Convocation, Family Visits, and Holidays

Posted by on November 4, 2013

What a busy couple weeks it’s been! My Master’s convocation was on October 19th and my family came to visit for the weekend. Battling through fog and snow, delays and cancellations, jumping on boats and flying all through the night, my parents and Grandpa managed to make it to Regina in time. What fun it is to have guests in our little house! Both the guest room and the futon were put to good use.

My convocation was on the Saturday at 1pm. I was interviewed backstage by the local news but unfortunately nothing flattering came of that :) The ceremony itself was a couple hours long and featured kd lang receiving an honorary degree. I wore heels this time and refrained from tripping. I got to celebrate with another of my cohort, Kim, and was able to introduce the head of the department to my family as well. It was a little chilly out but we got some great pictures before the rain/snow started! After the ceremony we went back to the house for drinks and then had a wonderful dinner at Table 10, one of our favorite local spots. Such a lovely day. We’ll be repeating it in eight short months for Jordan’s convocation!


Dad and Grandpa headed back through the fog and the snow on Monday and I got to keep mom for another week. Somehow we managed to time the visit in between two busy parts of my semester so I actually got to spend most of the week away from school. Mom recently was hired as the IMG_6285Editor of the Canadian Quilter magazine, which is basically a dream job. I got to hear a bunch of her ideas and can’t wait to see them implemented. She’s so excited and I’m so jealous! We also spent a large part of the week making accordian-style artist books. It is such a sincere joy to get to spend time crafting. The rest of our days were filled with drinking wine, talking obsessively about our pets, and re-watching favorite movies. IMG_6286Jordan was deep in study-mode and also very sick, but we managed to sucker him in for pumpkin carving on mom’s last day in town. He made a very intricate Nyan Cat pumpkin.

Mom left on Monday and then it was only a few short days until Hallowe’en! …which was a huge let-down. I only got six teenagers, two of whom were not even dressed up. But that’s okay, Jordan IMG_6255and I got a lot of chocolate out of the deal, and he let me talk him into watching Harry Potter. After Hallowe’en I made the switch to Christmas season RIGHT AWAY! My labmate Michelle and I went to the Christmas Craft Fair for most of Saturday afternoon, and Jordan and I got our first Starbucks Red Cups that night. So awesome. And just in time because today it’s snowing! YUCK! Winter is here.

I hope you’re all keeping warm (but not too warm) and in good health (but not too sober). Soon it will be Christmas.


2 Responses to Convocation, Family Visits, and Holidays

  1. Lisa

    Congrats, again, on your your Masters convocation and congratulations to Marcy on her appointment as editor, too! We look forward to Jordan’s convocation in June!

  2. Marcy

    What a fantastic life you live… thanks for sharing your days with me :)

    Love Mom

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