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Hello, 2014!

Posted by on January 12, 2014

Happy belated New Year! I believe the polar vortex is over and my fingers have thawed long enough to type up this blog post.


Liz’s beautiful Christmas trees

Jordan had a much-needed, relaxed Christmas in Grande Prairie with his family.  The three-week holiday was his “between-degree break.” With his undergraduate exams all finished and the University is closed, Jordan was able to take a complete break from school! Although there was an awful lot of snow there, he got to fit in several coffee dates with Grandma Liz, and his sister was able to fly in for the holiday as well. Jordan got spoiled with good food, including baking sausage cheese puffs with his mom and many delicious dinners at Liz’s house.

I was on Vancouver Island from the 21st. My parents’ house is a zoo now that they have a new dog, TANGO!, who is actually a photosmall kangaroo. Rosie is long-suffering as always. I got a tiny flu on Christmas Eve and gave it to my brother for Christmas, but we recovered fairly quickly and nobody else caught it! We had an intimate Christmas morning up in Cumberland, and in the afternoon we drove down to Ladysmith for a big family dinner at Brian and Stacey’s house. We were all thoroughly spoiled for Christmas (though I had to wait for lots of my presents until Jordan came on New Years’ Eve!). My family and I spent the next few days in Ladysmith mostly relaxing and enjoying more good cooking (and doing some shopping, oops). We also had a wonderful visit with my parents’ long-time friends from Northern BC, whereupon I fell in love with a white cat.


Ugly sweater trio

Between our return to Cumberland and Jordan’s arrival, I finished revising my dissertation proposal, marathoned the first season and a half of Downton Abbey, and re-read the Hunger Games. Dad and I spent an afternoon prepping for the New Years’ Eve fondue (Sam, M.A., condiment artisan). Jordan arrived the morning of the 31st – yay!! – and we got him settled in and finished opening our mutual Christmas presents. The whole family arrived later that afternoon, and the festivities were off! So much fun was had: a little graduation ceremony for Trevor (B.Mus.) and Jordan (B.Sc. Hons.), with special words of wisdom from Grandpa; a multi-course seafood, chicken, and beef fondue with red wine right from Italy; ugly christmas sweater family pictures; and champagne and enormous sparklers at midnight. It’s always so special to ring in the new year with family.

The first days of the new year were quiet but wonderful. My super-talented aunt, Stacey, took a couple snaps of Jordan and IDSC_4794 copy. We got a couple more days with my grandparents and I managed to finish the last revisions to my dissertation proposal. After our extended family went back to Ladysmith, my parents kept us entertained with a walk through the beautiful BC rainforest, a memorable dinner at the Kingfisher Resort, and lunch up atop the snow-barren Mt. Washington ski hill. Mom is busy prepping the first edition of her magazine; it will be so exciting to see it in print!

Since our return home, Jordan has begun his first graduate classes and is truly enjoying the change of pace! He takes one class and teaches three lab sections, and the rest of his time is dedicated to research. I sent my dissertation proposal off to committee (good riddance) and started my practicum at the RCMP. It’s already shaping up to be a busy semester but I think it will be a lot of fun.

Best wishes from both of us for your year ahead! As always, feel free to incorporate Regina into your travel plans – there’s a guest bed here with your name on it!


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  1. Lisa

    It was wonderful to have Jordan home again! Best wishes to you and your family in 2014!

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