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March Updates

Posted by on March 16, 2014

I’m glad to report that spring is imminently (and finally) around the corner in Regina! We survived a horrible polar vortex redux where the temperatures got down to -52. Now, the weather report is looking milder by the day and the snow has started to recede. We are both looking forward to seeing ourheartcat families this summer.┬áIn June, my parents are coming down for my graduation ceremony. It will be a great visit since they haven’t had a chance to visit Regina since we moved in 2011. We will try to get a few sights in before they go. In August, we’re heading out west to see some of Sam’s family and explore BC a bit. Should be fun!

In February, I had an excellent birthday. Sam got me an amazing grey suit jacket. I also got some matching dress pants using the money I received from both of our parents.610fdc9095e811e39c3412ffebc89ea2_8 I’m ready to go to some classy conferences now! For Valentine’s Day, we went to the Fireside Bistro and to a movie. As per tradition, we also had champagne – in Sam’s new champagne glasses!

This semester has a relaxing pace for me so far. I am a lab instructor for three intro CS lab sections, I am taking one class and trying to get a feel for where my thesis is going. Sam is very busy with her internship two days a week and trying to keep up with her program requirements every other day. We haven’t had time for much other than school (and marathoning Sherlock), but Sam signed us up for a 5k race in September to keep some non-school activity in our lives.

Apparently our last blog post was our 50th post – it’s almost like we keep a regular blog or something. We’d be even more regular with our updates if Marilyn would take her turn, but she just sleeps all day.


One Response to March Updates

  1. Lisa

    We are really looking forward to our visit in June! Happy Spring and St. Patrick’s Day!

    Love, Mom

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