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Visits in June

Posted by on July 1, 2014

It’s July 1st! Do you know what that means? It means it’s been almost 2.5 months since we blogged! A new record? We certainly have no excuse, as the last couple months have been packed to the brim with goings-on. We could tell you all about how the school year wrapped up well and we’re finally feeling back to normal. We could tell you about how Sam spent way too long revising her dissertation proposal, and how Jordan has started and almost finished a summer class. We could also talk about Sam’s birthday, our seventh anniversary, and how we marathoned House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Suits. But we’re not gonna, because we have had family from both sides visit in June and that’s way more fun to talk about!


The beginning of June was very special for us as we celebrated Jordan’s convocation from his Bachelor of Science Honours! Jordan’s parents Bob and Lisa flew in from Grande Prairie and his sister Karisa flew in from Winnepeg to stay with us in our little home. It was lovely to visit and catch up with everybody’s lives, especially since I haven’t been up to Grande Prairie since last July. Jordan’s convocation was on Thursday. His ceremony was wonderful. The honorary degree recepient was Dr. Ken Mitchell, a professor of English and a Saskatchewan poet. Jordan was almost the last person to walk across the stage! We’re all so proud of his hard work. A celebratory dinner was had at The Willow, our favorite local restaurant overlooking Wascana Lake. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good meal, and the company was divine! Although it was a very windy day, we were in a perfect spot to watch the sun set over the lake.

Karisa left early Friday morning back to the land of hard work, but Jordan’s parents were able to stay on for one more day. We took Lisa to Chapters to marvel at the children’s section, then took them on the grand tour of the university campus! I always love showing people around our campus, it is such a nice one. Plus we got to show off our giant silver sign (#milliondollarmonstrosity). Bob and Lisa got to experience the true student experience with lunch at The Owl. Last, we went on a tour of the Legislature garden and building. Jordan and I had never done the inside tour so it was something new for all of us. The whole visit was all just so much fun! Regina is a lovely city to show off, and it was a real treat to have Jordan’s family here to see it.


A week later, the Editor of The Canadian Quilter arrived for a visit! Mom was in Toronto for a conference and came for a week on her way back. It was really lovely timing, as I had just handed in my dissertation proposal to my committee and could take some time off! Jordan wasn’t quite so lucky with timing (he’s taking a class) but still managed to get lots of visiting in.

Among the highlights of our rain- and wine-filled week was the DIY binder of Paper Panda cutouts that Mom brought for me! All you do is take an exacto knife, cut along the pattern provided by the website, and flip it over when you’re done. It’s a pretty steep learning curve and I had so much fun with it. We spent lots of time sitting at the kitchen table, mom with a new quilting pattern, me and my paper cutting, and far too much wine.

On the Friday that mom was here the three of us went to Moose Jaw for the early part of the day. Moose Jaw is one of my favorite places to poke around, and mom had a few quilt stores she wanted to check out – including one that had her magazine on display! Jordan got to learn about the fun world of button shopping. We had lunch at the new Browns Social House on Main St. Then – drumroll – Friday night we went to a Roughriders game!!! Armed with rain ponchos, green apparel, beer, and concession food, we arrived at our seats to find out they were basically the best in the stadium. Although the Riders didn’t win that night, I did learn a whole lot about how football works, and now I feel even more deeply that I have Regina in my blood. Go Riders!

The sun finally came out on Saturday just in time for the Mackenzie Art Gallery Bazaart, a giant craft and art sale. Perfect weather for poking around the artist stands and listening to folk music. To cap off a wonderful week, the three of us had dinner at the Fireside Bistro, a restaurant built into an old house in downtown Regina. And it was not too difficult to wave goodbye the next morning, because I’ll be off to B.C. to spend ten days with my parents in August!

There’s been more goings-on since then, of course, like our basement flooding, my new Alesya Bags purse, and visiting the waterfowl reserve. If you want more news on summer living in Regina… you’re always welcome for a visit! :)


3 Responses to Visits in June

  1. Marcy

    Thanks for the wonderful visit! It is always a pleasure to be around two happy people who love their jobs and their environment. Bloom where your planted is a way of life for Sam and Jordan :-)

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for updating the blog! It’s always great to hear and see your latest adventures. Enjoy your visit to the coast with family!

  3. Your Best Friend Natalie

    I really hope you got a good tour guide for the Legislature tour. There are so many cool things to discover in that building and you miss ALL of it if you get someone who’s just phoning it in.

    (No, I haven’t taken multiple Legislature tours, why are you looking at me that way.)

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